Siege of Orgrimmar

Zosofeather a posted Sep 10, 13
5.4 is being released today! Hurrah!


MMO-Champ has a great rundown as usual.

Sabri a 3 bosses down 1st week, woot!
Drakefire a One boss down.
Kunitsu ao Kick that guy's ass!


Zosofeather a posted Jul 8, 13

Drakefire a Mag and I are using the Smyte vanity item to turn into Tauren. Amarashi and Zoso are Worgen, which naturally looks hord ...
Jirika Why do some of you look like horde?
Duilius And... who cares is Zoso liked the pic?

Throne of Thunder

Kunitsu ao posted Mar 5, 13
In case you haven't heard, the 5.2 patch, Throne of Thunder, is being applied to servers as I type!

If you're looking for details, mmo-champion has a fantastic overview of all the changes that are happening, including info on new bosses, rare spawns, loot and a TON more.

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